Armed Security Service: it is subjected to different legislations, depending on the country in which it must be provided, so it should be planned under those specificities.

Special Operations: Special Operations means all those activities that require the support of highly specialized and equipped team, which has to be able to take action and reach the places of interest as quickly as possible.


Armed Security Guard in Italy

We run this activity through our sister company BLACK ROSE INVESTIGATIONS which holds the license pursuant the legal definition of the article 115 T.U.L.P.S. (Public Safety Italian Law) by which, as intermediaries and on behalf of our customers, we enable them to get in touch with the Supervisory Institutes which better fit their needs. This modus operandi permits the client society to enjoy the significant advantage of having a unique representative that operates as an entire network.


International Armed Security Guard

At the international level, Chimaera is proud of its partnerships with leading Security Companies in Europe and in the rest of the world *. The experience achieved abroad allows us to be a privileged partner for our customer companies, who are willing to have a unique representative, in order to meet also the most complex security needs, which frequently require well-trained and armed staff**.

* The ability to meet the demands is subjected to an evaluation of the local political situation.
** The possibility to meet the demands is subjected to local laws that do not often allow the use of weapons for the personnel of private companies’ security (e.g. France).



(Non-combatant evacuation operation)

Many companies conduct their activities abroad, in countries where it exists a strong political instability or in other areas of the world moderately safe, where safety conditions could be affected by natural catastrophes, riots, and revolutions. In these situations it becomes important to ensure the safety of the employees abroad, enacting their prompt evacuation. Our company is able to organize such activities and to provide it to you by a task force with different skills: security, logistics, communications, and health control.


Chief and Administrators Close Protection

In the fulfilment of their activities several companies need to send their staff all over the world in order to conduct their activities, even where safety conditions are not the best or where they are completely missing. In these circumstances Chimaera Security provides accompanying services personnel and takes care both of personal security and all logistics support activities*.

* This service is subjected to local laws and to the political situation of the countries to be visited and it is possible to be activated only abroad, because in Italy there is a legal vacuum in the meaning of “bodyguard” since, currently, the protection of the legal “person” is a responsibility of the sole State.