Unarmed Security

The unarmed security is a different activity from surveillance and is expressed mainly through custodial services and concierge services provided by uniformed staff. These services consist of:

Opening / closing of infrastructure

Regulate the flow / outflow of internal or external staff and visitors of the company

Authorize the proper use and / or managing of the infrastructure

When necessary, the staff can be provided with a certificate of high fire risk, with the purpose to be integrated in the framework, in order to fulfill the particular requirements of the Italian Legislative Decree 81/08.

Despite in Italy special licenses or authorizations are not required to carry out this type of assignments, it is compulsory to follow and respect the enacted and existing laws abroad, which are often more complex and demanding then those Italians. The deep knowledge of the foreign – especially Europeans – markets and laws achieved by Chimaera Security lets our company embody

a unique representative, especially for those companies which have their establishments in Italy, but that operate abroad and need to ensure a high security level also in their further / subsidiary sections.