Feeling safe at home, at work, in stores, walking alone down the street or attending crowded places without fear of theft, muggings or robberies, it is revealed today a hearing problem, so take priority over concerns about their health and second only compared to the anxieties caused by economic crisis.

Are some of the points that emerge from the research of Ipsos Italy, commissioned by SAFE, the event dedicated to the industry security and fire prevention, which will be held November 3 to 5 next to Fiera Milano and which will feature the technological systems needed to prevent and identifying all types of risks.

“The security technologies come from companies in an market varied and vital, that even in the recent economic downturn has continued to focus on research and development, with many actually considered Italian excellence throughout the world, which are flanked by foreign multinationals relief. – Says Corrado Peraboni, CEO of Fiera Milano – SAFETY, long important landmark for this area, will offer an insight into highly representative, proposing an edition with a growth trend of 10% and 27% of foreign companies in more than 2014. Manufacturers to whom we offer new opportunities to do business: that’s why we have invested the most on top foreign buyers, which this year will be 150. ”

An important issue the protection of their property and themselves and a growing need, if you think that in 11 years has significantly increased the propensity to protect themselves, at least in your own home: in fact in 2004 only 56% of people owned systems Safety. Today the proportion rose to 75%: 3 Italians out of 4 will have at least one.

So, to have more guarantees of protection, today we are even willing to give up even a bit ‘of our privacy and invest almost the equivalent of a full monthly salary – 1200 Euro – for equipping of security systems our home, why at home, “refuge” for excellence, only 49% of Italians feel completely safe.

But it is thanks to the adoption of safety systems that Italians feel more confident at home and away. And more advanced the solutions adopted, the greater the perception of safety: if among those who adopted traditional security feels very safe 22%, among those who have passed to the most innovative technologies, the percentage rises to 33%.

” More than ever Italians feel the need to protect themselves from the risk of theft and robbery, as evidenced by research Ipsos, Italy @ Risk; They are willing to sacrifice their privacy in order to feel more protected in the home and outside the home due to the presence of security systems. In fact the number of these crimes, according to research by sociologist Marzio Barbagli recently published, has drastically increased since 2009.

The traditional security systems, which have more than two-thirds of Italians are no longer sufficient at present. It looks a favor and a growing interest in security systems technologically advanced, to get to those managed remotely, via smartphone or tablet, which offer more reliable and immediate ” – says Nando Pagnoncelli, President of Ipsos Italy.

The next edition of SAFE will offer a comprehensive overview of the most innovative solutions designed to offer protection to convenience stores and supermarkets, banks, offices, transportation, residential (ie our homes), critical infrastructure (ie the most demanding to be protected such as hospitals or power plants), the major events, places of culture and art, to the smart cities, towns or managed through instruments with a high level of technology.

But the industry is moving and SAFETY moves with him so this year the event, while continuing to be confirmed mainly linked to the security and fire prevention, it proposes new focus themes that will characterize tomorrow’s security.

For this for the first time will give space not only to products, but solutions are tailored for specific applications, and strizzerà eye to the future of the sector, dall’IoT, the Internet of Things, where the reality every “thing”, every technological tool is connected to others via the Internet to ensure security and process monitoring in civil and industrial, but also the design and use of drones in the security field, an interesting perspective that can find important applications in civil protection and control of sensitive areas.

“I am sure – concluded Peraboni – SECURITY which will be confirmed also useful forum for exchange of knowledge and training, able to foster collaboration between all stakeholders and the organizations that operate in Italy to make us feel more secure: by technology producers to installers, from government to public security, with a view to common goals and continuous dialogue that can create prosperity and development. ”


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